Spache the Spatula



What a wonderful holiday! Everyone just sits around and stuffs their faces until it’s near impossible to move. I love it!
My Thanksgiving this year was small, but big in flavor. It was spectacular! I spent it with my boyfriend, Mikey, and his parents and even though I did really miss my family, it was really delightful .
We had so much food! I brought over the desserts and cranberry sauce and then whipped up some mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus when I got there. John cooked an excellent turkey and made the most delicious turkey stock that created a gravy that was simply sublime. Amy made some amazing stuffing and a lovely homemade applesauce.
Everything was so phenomenally good that it’s hard to put into words! To better explain everything, here are some photos:

Cooking dinner:


The gorgeous table:

Isn’t the china just beautiful?

Mmmm, feast!:

Yes, I’m a dark meat fan for the initial meal, but I prefer the white meat for the classic leftover turkey sandwiches.

Yep, I did eat everything on that plate if you were wondering.

Finally dessert (x2!):

The Pumpkin Shortbread with icy Egg Nog Ice Cream.

Pumpkin Banana Cream Pie– which we we all far too full to eat by the time it was served but still ate anyway!

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