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Apologies + Florida Vacation

Hi guys! I apologize for neglecting my blog, but I just got back from a three week stay in Florida where I was visiting my family who wishes I still lived there :P!

Since I just graduated, I figured it was as good a time as any to get some serious family time in before “real life” starts!
(WARNING: iPhone photo dump ahead!)

My days included lots of time snuggling Max (who I not-so-secretly always miss the most!):


Too many margaritas:


And probably too much time acting like I was still a child who lives at home with Mom and Dad ^.^:


But I also did a wee bit of cooking!:

Green Herb Risotto (recipe here):


Pizzas Galore (pineapple mushroom/ fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomato/ sausage):


Brown Butter, Toffee, Chocolate chip, Walnut Cookies (adapted from here):


I had a wonderful time hanging out with my parents, and it was nice to be able to lie on the sandy white beach and soak up some rays for a change 🙂

However! I am very happy to be back in Seattle. I hope to be updating with a delicious frozen yogurt recipe soon!


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