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Fresh Cherry and Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Remember when I said you’d see more cherry recipes?

Chewy cookies filled with pieces of fresh, juicy cherries, and studded with bittersweet chocolate | #recipeI really just can’t help myself. I buy way too many cherries in the Summertime, and then bake them and cook them into everything. Remember when I stuffed them in sandwiches, last year? Mmmmm *drools*

…Annnnd I do maybe too much of pairing cherries with chocolate… How can I not, though?! They were made for each other, dammit!

These tasty cookies are kind of this year’s version of these Chocolate Cherry Almond Bars. Heck, these might even be better with some slivered almonds thrown in, and they they would absolutely be the cookie version of the cookie bars.

Blueberry Tartlets with White Chocolate Drizzle

Buttery, crunchy tart shells filled with gooey, fresh blueberry filling and a white chocolate drizzle! | #recipe

I am terribly obsessed with tiny tartlets. Okay, I know I have way too many tartlet recipes on this blog…but they’re so. freaking. adorable! I made these strawberry tartlets a couple months ago, and now I took the same tart shells, and filled them with a fresh blueberry pie filling. Crunchy, buttery tart shells full

Blue Cheese Roasted Potato Salad

Blue cheese and sour cream make up the creamy base in this addictive potato salad! #BluesdayTuesday @castellousa| #recipe

You should probably pack this for every Summer picnic/cook-out you have from here on out. *This post is in partnership with Castello for a Summer of Blue! As always, all views expressed are completely my own! So here’s the thing, I really love potato salad. I think it screams Summer, and is basically a necessity

Chocolate Cherry Pound Cake

A dense, rich, and chocolatey pound cake, studded with pieces of fresh, juicy cherries! | #recipe

It’s so hotttt! Does is feel like the earth is melting where you are, too? Because Seattle has been hot as hell, lately! It’s been in the 90s for a few weeks straight, with zero rain. The grass and plants everywhere are starting to get super duper crunchy, and there have been an awful lot

Sun Basket Review and Giveaway!

Sun Basket Review!

Something a little different today! A couple weeks ago, Hannah from Sun Basket reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try out their food/recipe delivery service. Of course I was ab it hesitate at first, because you guys know I’m extremely selective with the products I will share with you, here on the

BLT Turkey Burger Sliders

The BEST moist and most flavorful turkey burgers you will ever eat, with all the flavors of a BLT! | #recipe

I cannot even believe that June is almost over… That means that Fourth of July is right around the corner! …Like seriously…it’s on Saturday… I thought I wasn’t ready, but these little sliders would actually be completely perfect for the occasion! They’re adorable, easy, and so delicious! Plus, I feel like all Fourth of July

Banana Nutella Cupcakes


It has been way too long since my last cupcake recipe! Seriously, the last one I posted was these, in January. That’s half a freakin’ year ago! Actually, I just made those red velvet cupcakes super recently while I was in Florida, for a good friend’s birthday! If you’re a fan of red velvet, make those—the are

Blueberry Cornmeal Cake

A soft and tender cake made with blue cornmeal for added flair, and studded with juicy blueberries | #recipe

Hi guys! I’m back in Seattle, and ready to post some delicious food Let’s start with this cake, shall we? It’s really freaking tasty, and bursting with plump, juicy blueberries! It’s also made with cornmeal, which makes it really texturally satisfying. I used blue cornmeal because I though blue cornmeal with blueberries sounded nice, but