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Ethiopian Feast: Yemisir Wot (Berbere Lentils)

here binary option probability indicator volatility skew This just might be my favorite Ethiopian dish!

e t delta hedging binary options ltd This deeply spiced lentil dish is perfect served with spongy injera bread. | #recipe #veganThey’re all good, but this one makes use of that amazing Berbere spice blend, and is both satisfyingly warming, and amazingly tasty! write my essay singapore The dish gets its flavor, and deep red color from an entire half cup of the berbere. It sounds like a ton, but it is what makes this dish, so unique and addictive. You get a bit of heat from the ground chiles, warmth from cardamom, cumin, close, cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg, and a lovely sweetness from the paprika.

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Ethiopian Feast: Injera

This spongy, slightly sour flatbread is an important part of any Ethiopian feast! | #recipe #vegan #glutenfree

there binary options strategies with 2 puts indicator 95 accurate This probably looks like nothing special… But this spongy, slightly sour, fermented flatbread made with teff flour is a very important part of any Ethiopian feast! Dishes are served not only with it, but atop it, and it is used to scoop and pick food up in lieu of silverware.

Recipe Fails Volume 2


Okay…I think it may be time for another one of these… I did my first version of this about a year and a half ago, and you guys seemed to enjoy laughing at my failures as much as I did, haha. This post is prompted by a very recent flop. Actually one that happened not long

Ethiopian Feast: Berbere Spice

This warm blend of spices is an integral ingredient in Ethiopian cuisine. | #recipe

So, for quite sometime now, I have been obsessed with the idea of creating a homemade Ethiopian feast. There’s this amazing, tiny, little Ethiopian restaurant pretty close to where I live, and the food is positively addicting. Basically, different stews, salads, and other tasty dishes are all served atop a large, spongy flatbread called Injera.

Moroccan Tomato Soup

This tomato soup gets its unique flavor---slightly sweet, a little heat, super tasty---from some Moroccan-inspired ingredients. | #recipe

Can we talk about a super weird thing that I did in Wisconsin, last week? I mean, we’ll get to this crazy good soup after… but this was so weird to me that I have to share. I went to a meat raffle. Yes, you read correctly…a raffle where the prize is random cuts of meats.

Sunset Margaritas

These pretty margaritas use apricots and marionberries to emulate the colors of a sunset! | #recipe

So, I just got back from Wisconsin, and the weather was seriously CRAZY! I’m not joking, one day it hailed like crazy. The next it was like 60 degrees and warm. The day after that it was on and off WHITE OUTS! Like… blizzard one second, then the sun melts everything, then blizzard again…. I

Mattar Paneer

Making this Indian dish at home is easier than you thought! | #recipe

There are some foods that I love to eat, but never even consider making. Mostly this includes various Asian takeout foods. A couple years ago I decided to tackle Thai food, and went extremely authentic in my re-creations of Chicken Satay and Thai Red Curry. Now, I’m going the Indian route! Mattar Paneer is what I

Too Easy: Date and Almond Butter Smoothie

These smoothies are crazy easy to throw together, and include one of my favorite flavor combos---nutty almond butter and sticky-sweet dates | #vegan #recipe

Easy recipe today, because I want to talk about something that’s not so easy…