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Brown Butter Toffee Hazelnut Blondies

Yay! It’s Monday!

A flakey top and ooey-gooey inside make these caramely blondies totally irresistible! | spachethespatula.comThis may be the first and only time you hear me say that, haha!

Last night after the Seahawks game (AWESOME win, by the way!), Mikey and I took a redeye to Florida, to spend the week with my family for Thanksgiving.

I cannot even begin to tell you guys how excited I am about this! This is the first time since I moved to Seattle (in 2008), that I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family, and Mikey’s first Thanksgiving with my fam :)

The one sad part is, because I have exactly zero trust in any airline’s ability to take care of my dog, Rook will be staying in Seattle. He’ll be having lots of fun playing with other pups, though!

A flakey top and ooey-gooey inside make these caramely blondies totally irresistible! |

 Okay, let’s talk about these bars just little bit. They are outrageously delicious. I had Mikey bring them into work, and people were totally gushing over them!

They’re full of big caramel-y flavor, and double nuttiness from the ground hazelnuts, and brown butter.

They’ve got that flakey, amazing top that you find on the best of brownies, and they’re unbelievably soft and chewy. And did I mention that they’re filled with chocolate Heath bits that kind of melt with the base and form the best flavor/texture, EVER?!

I think they’d make an amazing addition to any holiday cookie exchange (plus, it’s pretty easy to make a lot of them at once), but you can totally just make ‘em for yourself ;)

Oh by the way, these are yet another treat that I made for my friends over at Food Fanatic (where you may have seen them posted, yesterday!).

A flakey top and ooey-gooey inside make these caramely blondies totally irresistible! |

Cheddar Cheese Straws

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I made us yummy snacks! And guess what? They’re super easy to make, and way too addictive—bet’cha can’t just have one! Actually, I hadn’t even planned to make these. I was going to share with you some black pepper shortbread cookies today, but they turned out way too ugly. I was trying to make them

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