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Peanut Butter Bananas Foster Cheesecake (with Do-Si-Do Crust!)

I just can’t even with this disgustingly beautiful creation…

A Do-Si-Do Girl Scout cookie base, a peanut butter & banana cheesecake filling, and a bananas foster doesn't get any better than this folks! | #recipeIt’s that time of  the year where I end up with like 10 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, and I try to come up with creative ways to use them all. Last year, I made Samoa Blizzards and Thin Min Ice Cream—both fantastic, by the way. Girl Scout cookies bring out the best in my culinary ideas, I guess!

I feel like the Do-Si-Do is one of the most neglected Girl Scout Cookies, and I just don’t get it! They’re salty, peanut buttery, and crumbly in a fantastic way. I kinda think they’re basically like a fully peanut butter version of an Oreo.

A Do-Si-Do Girl Scout cookie base, a peanut butter & banana cheesecake filling, and a bananas foster doesn't get any better than this folks! | #recipe A Do-Si-Do Girl Scout cookie base, a peanut butter & banana cheesecake filling, and a bananas foster doesn't get any better than this folks! | #recipe

Almond Tangelo Upside-Down Cake

This moist and fluffy cake has a crunchy toasted cinnamon almond base, and a gooey tangelo and caramel top---it’s outrageously tasty as dessert, or breakfast! | #recipe

How gorgeous would this look on your Easter brunch table? The answer is very. It would look very gorgeous. I mean, just feast your eyes upon that sunny, glossy tangelo top, and that crispity-crunchety, cinnamon-spiced, almond base! Oh, and did I mention the tender, moist crumb on the inside? It doesn’t get much better than

Recipes for Spring

Dozens of recipes using Spring produce, organized by ingredient---everything from asparagus to watercress, sweet and savory! | #recipe

It’s the first day of Spring! I thought I’d get you guys all ready, by sharing some of my favorite recipes using Spring produce! Am I the only one who’s super giddy about blooming flowers, berries, and green veggies? I’ve organized this alphabetically by ingredient, and it covers Apricots, all the way to Watercress!

Too Easy: Homemade Vegetable Stock

This is a great fridge clean-out recipe! It's totally vegan, and so much more flavorful than the stuff at the store. You won't believe how much better your recipes taste with this! | #recipe

This isn’t a recipe that looks pretty, or cool, but it’s a necessity! It’s always good to have stock around, and it’s even better if it’s homemade! I’m super fond of my homemade chicken stock recipe, but sometimes that just doesn’t work in all scenarios. This is an awesome, totally vegan, totally delicious stock recipe

Irish Soda Bread

This slightly sweet, nutty, yeast-less bread has a crunchy outside and a super tender inside. Serve it with a creamy Irish butter for ultimate enjoyment! #recipe

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! I hope you’re wearing green! I also hope you’re going to make this soda bread, because holy heck…I did not know soda bread could taste this good! I know it looks kinda boring, but I assure you, it’s anything but! (I mean, just look at how many exclamation points I’m using…) If

Beef and Guinness Hand Pies

Buttery, flakey hand pies filled with the best beef and Guinness beer filling! Perfect for St. Patrick's Day! | #recipe

Oh lawdy, this is a good one, you guys! And as such, there are like 732574658 photos. Okay, more like 15…but you get the idea—this is picture-heavy post. So these hand pies are kind of the best thing I’ve had in a while, and you need to make them tomorrow for St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t worry, they’re actually

Too Easy: The BEST Moscow Mule

So stupid simple, but it really is the tastiest Moscow Mule I've ever tried---only 2 ingredients and it's spicy and not overly sweet! | #recipe

But fo realz… Okay, this “Too Easy” is even more of a ridiculous recipe than the last one, in that that it is literally 2 ingredients (at the most three). BUT! It’s booze, and it’s a Friday, and we could all use a cocktail that both goes down easily, and is stupid simple to make.

Guinness Chocolate Sheet Cake

The moistest chocolate sheet cake with creamy chocolate icing, spiked with Guinness beer---this is the BEST sheet cake you will ever try! | #recipe

Welp, it’s official… This is the best chocolate sheet cake in existence. Okay, so I haven’t tried all the chocolate sheet cakes that have ever been created, but I’m fairly certain this would be in the top 3. Plus, there’s beer in it…how can you go wrong there? Oh, and cue the influx of Guinness-related