Spache the Spatula

Shrimp alla Marinara

here binary option probability indicator volatility skew I love carbs.

e t delta hedging binary options ltd A few ingredients and around 30min results in a super tasty pasta that also makes great leftovers! | #recipe I need giant plates of pasta with sides of warm bread like this in my life on the reg. Honestly, carbs are the one food group I just could never live without. Trust me…I’ve tried… I’ve done the low-carb thing before. You know, the kind where you get to have like half a slice of bread for the whole day? No. Just no. I got grumpy as hell. Cutting out starches takes my hangry (hungry + angry, duh) levels to new heights. write my essay singapore Soon yeah…not getting rid of pasta in my life, ever.

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Why I Removed Meat From My Diet…


there binary options strategies with 2 puts indicator 95 accurate Alrighty, I guess it’s finally time to address this! You may have noticed that since around the holidays, meat has been virtually absent from my blog, and more recently, dairy and eggs have sort of faded out as well.

BBQ Tempeh Banh Mi

Sticky-sweet, sorta spicy, and vibrantly fresh---this banh mi will knock yours socks off! | #recipe #vegan

Do you guys watch Youtube? I mean for more than the occasional, adorable and silly animal video that someone may have linked on Facebook. Do you ever just spend way too long browsing and coming across hidden treasures? I do. That’s the sole reason this amazing sandwich exists in my life.

Too Easy: 3-Ingredient Piña Coladas

The easiest piña colada, ever! | #recipe

Apparently we’re keeping things tropical on the blog lately… Three posts in a row with tropical fruits—first banana bread, then some mango guac, now these pineapple and coconut frozen delights! I guess I’m channelling the fact that it has honestly felt like the middle of Summer in Seattle, lately. Of course now that I say that,

Blackened Shrimp Tacos with Mango Guacamole

Bold and spicy shrimp pair perfectly with fruity and creamy mango guacamole! | #recipe

Okay so… maybe I’m slightly very late for Cinco de Mayo… But, really? When is it not a good time for tacos? Never. And these are especially delicious.

The Best Vegan Banana Bread

This is the most delicious, and moistest banana bread I have ever tried---AND its vegan! | #recipe

It’s kind of been a really long time since I’ve made baked goods for the blog! Honestly, just checked, and had to go back three pages to find these delicious delights—coincidentally, another banana-y recipe. I guess I’ve been too busy making savory stuff, you know, like an entire Ethiopian Feast… So listen, I know the

Ethiopian Feast: Ethiopian Green Salad

This simple-yet-vibrant green salad adds an amazing freshness to any Ethiopian feast! | #recipe #vegan

Last but not least… This is the last recipe I’m sharing in my Ethiopian Feast series (click the “How To: Ethiopian Feast” photo below fora  link to al of the recipes). It’s definitely the simplest, but I also think the most important. Why? This simple-yet-vibrant green salad adds a much needed freshness to the platter.

Ethiopian Feast: Yekik Alicha (Turmeric Yellow Split Peas)

A milder, but amazingly flavorful Ethiopian stew that is heavenly scooped up with Ethiopian Injera bread! | #recipe #vegan

Don’t you think this dish is kind of unusually beautiful? Maybe it’s just me, but I could not get over just how yellow these split peas came out! Between these and the lentils, which were brilliantly red, I felt like the colors were so rich I could paint with them! And quite frankly…I may as