Spache the Spatula

Pan-Seared Salmon with Mango Salsa

here binary option probability indicator volatility skew Um, have you ever heard of the Amazon Treasure Truck?

e t delta hedging binary options ltd A fresh and vibrant mango salsa tops seared salmon fillets in the perfect Summer dish! | #recipeI swear this isn’t a sponsored post (But yo Amazon…Hit me up! LOL), I’m just so totally impressed. So basically, the Amazon Treasure Truck is a magical thing that exists only in Seattle. It s a vehicle that travels around the area, affixed with a bubblemeachine, tons of fishing lights, and other doodads, that brings deals to the area. Every day, a different deal is offered. What was the deal I partook in? 2lbs of fresh Coho salmon for $20. You guys that’s a crazy good deal. write my essay singapore

Curry-Spiced Red Lentil Dal

A super easy, and super tasty curried lentil dish that pairs perfectly with everything from mashed potatoes to flatbread | #recipe #vegan

phd thesis in telecommunications Sometimes I feel like I crave things that maybe don’t actually exist? Like, I really don’t know if this is any sort of traditional way to make a dal dish, but I really wanted lentils with coconut milk mixed in, and then I felt like curry was a natural pairing.

Crunchy Oven-Baked Zucchini Coins

These zucchini coins are super crunchy, flavorful, and they're good for you! | #recipe #vegan

there binary options strategies with 2 puts indicator 95 accurate This may be the one time frying something was less delicious… No joke, I had all intentions of making a greasy, fried recipe because I thought it would be amazingly tasty. I made this recipe first and friend the zucchini coins in oil, and they just were not good. I tried baking them, and they

Maine Lobster Rolls

I went to Maine and made fresh lobster rolls that are super tasty and dairy and egg-free! | #recipe

Maine was gorgeous! Are you guys ready for way too many photos of my recent family vacation? I promise there’s a recipe in here, too, LOL! But for real, Maine is one of the most picturesque places that I have ever been—the rocky shores, plentiful lighthouses, and creepy-looking houses (seriously guys…literally every house there looks

Edamame, Tomato, Avocado, & Pita Salad

A delicious and Summer-y take on a Panzanella salad! | #recipe #vegan

How is July almost over? I swear, this year is going by super fast for some reason… I feel like May was yesterday.

Too Easy: Cherry-Banana Nice Cream

This no-churn, 3-ingredient ice cream will help you beat the heat SUPER quick! #vegan | #recipe

It’s Summer. It’s hot. We want cold things! Goooood news, everyone (Professor Farnsworth from Futurama voice)! This ice-cream is only three ingredients and you don’t need an ice cream maker!

Coconut-Almond Sweet Rolls (Vegan)

These sticky sweet coconut-almond treats are soft, fluffy, insanely delicious, and somehow #vegan | #recipe

Soooo I feel like I’m starting to totally conquer vegan baking. Yes, these beautiful, fluffy, sticky, sweet rolls are totally vegan, and totally fricken’ delicious. AT this point I’m not sure which vegan baking moment I am more proud of…these or my pavlova.

White Bean and Broccoli Soup

This super tasty broccoli soup gets its creaminess from white beans! | #recipe #vegan

It’s really hard to make off-green soup look appetizing… Like… I tried super hard, LOL, but I think we just have to accept that there are things in life that taste better than they look. This soup is one of those things. While the color tends to leave a bit to be desired, I assure