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Snapper Burritos

This is a “let’s pretend it’s not still Winter” recipe.

You can use any white fish in these flavorful, simple burritos, packed with cilantro-lime rice, and black beans cooked in tomato juice! | #recipeLet’s instead dream about sandy beaches with crystal blue water, and sun so hot you need an umbrella. Under which we will eat these fish burritos, and drink ice cold beer!

Fish burritos are something I’ve wanted to make for a while now. Ever since my little sister, Amanda, told me months and months ago that she likes to make homemade fish burritos, I was like, why on earth have I never done that?! And then it took me a really long time to get around to actually doing it, haha!

I think she uses tilapia, but I chose to use Snapper. This is actually Pacific Snapper (different from the Snappers I can find in Florida like Red or Vermillion), also known as Rockfish. I got it from Pike’s Place Fish Market, and it’s great stuff. You can use any mild whitefish you can get your hands on, though.

Roasted Pork Banh Mi

This outrageously delicious Vietnamese sandwich contains succulent roast pork shoulder, pork pâté, and homemade pickles! | #recipe

Make these sandwiches for this weekend! You can make the pickles and meat today or tomorrow, and enjoy these on Saturday or Sunday. You could make a little picnic lunch (maybe an indoor picnic lunch for those of you getting pounded by snow!). Banh mi are definitely one of my very favorite sandwiches. (And yes, I had to

Mushroom Risotto with Creamed Leeks

A secret ingredient packs a wallop of mushroom flavor into the creamy, decadent dish. It's the BEST mushroom risotto I've ever tried! | #recipe

I made you a fancy dinner to get through this hump day! (Cue that commercial with the camels and people screaming at them.) You guys. I have a problem. I’ve been binge watching Law and Order: SVU for the past 3 days. And by “past 3 days” I mean past 15 years….but especially the past

Chunky Guacamole

The best tasting (and easiest!) guacamole I have EVER tried! | #recipe

A.K.A my fave guacamole in the world. But before we get to the guac, I want to know how your weekend was! How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you do anything special, or fun? For the second year in a row, Mikey and I ordered pizza It’s kind of my favorite thing in the whole

Red Velvet Molten Lava Cakes

Beautiful red velvet cakes that hide a rich molten center---the most perfect Valentine's Day dessert! | #recipe

Oozey, ooey-gooey, goodness! Is there anything more perfect and decadent for Valentine’s Day that a chocolate molten cake? Yes. In fact there is. A red velvet molten cake is definitely more perfect! Guys. Big news for my red velvet obsession. Did you know there is an entire red velvet cookbook?!?!?!?! (All that punctuation is more than

Mini Red Velvet Donuts

These little donuts contain extra cocoa powder for a more chocolatey red velvet. A cream cheese glaze and lots of sprinkles make them extra cute! | #recipe

Red Velvet Fest 2015 is still in full swing! Yep. Things are still very red and sprinkle-y around these parts. (By the way, there’s a giveaway in yesterday’s post you should check out!) Actually, these donuts are more pink than red, because I am a big ol’ dummy and couldn’t find my red food coloring

Raspberry Red Velvet Protein Shakes

All the flavors of red velvet (and raspberries!), in a healthy and vegan shake! | #recipe

Yep, more red velvet. Actually, this week is going to be full of red velvet recipes. All the red and sprinkles are totally necessary, you know, because Valentine’s Day is Saturday, and all (But I promise you won’t see another red velvet recipe again until next year after Friday, haha!) This red velvet recipe is sweet,

Avocado Toast: 5 Ways

Avocado toast can be so much more interesting that just toast + avocado; check out these 5 awesome variations on the classic! | #recipe

Avocado toast is a classic. It’s delicious. But we can make it more delicious! This post is a little different today, because it’s not exactly a “recipe” per say. It’s a bunch of my very favorite twists on avocado toast.—avocado toast inspiration, if you will, haha. I think? avocado toast is usually a breakfast thing (right?), but