Spache the Spatula

It’s Here!!!

ATTENTION: This is a break in regularly scheduled posting to announce…

The new blog redesign is finally here! AHHHH! I couldn’t be more excited! It’s been a long time coming, that’s for sure 🙂

I have Mikey and his talented friends to thanks for this masterpiece. Mikey has worked for months designing and coding to make everything perfect. The blog now matches my Facebook fan page and Etsy shop that both got re-hauls earlier this year. The theme inspiration was classic French bakery meets colorful Kate Spade, which, in my opinion, has been captured perfectly. I especially like the awning look as the header.

The basic layout of the site is still the same. The three newest posts are still at the very top in the featured boxes, followed by three spotlighted posts, of my choosing, underneath (right now they’re about Meyer lemons!). The rest f the posts, in chronological order, are below that.

A few new/updated things:

  • There is now an info box on the right side of each page with a small blurb about me, a picture, and links to the “About” page, Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail.
  • You can click the “Spache the Spatula” text in the header to return to the “Home” page at any time.
  • The “Recipe Index” and “Etsy Shop” tabs are in much the same place, only a bit smaller and sleeker (The next thing I hope to re-do in the Recipe Index!).
  • There was a problem on the old site where sometimes the post would load before the background had a chance to finish tile-ing, leaving it incomplete, and making the posts difficult to read. This should be solved now!
I would LOVE to hear any feedback/comments/suggestions that any of you may have regarding the new design/how it’s working. Feel free to be completely honest!

****Remember: On Thursday, I will be doing a DOUBLE giveaway!****


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