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Weekly Wants

Weekly Wants | spachethespatula.comThis end of the week post features links to recipes and posts around the web that I’m totally lusting after.

These Cinnamon, Marmalade, & Brioche Sundaes.
Cinnamon ice cream on toasted brioche sounds DIVINE.

These Vietnamese Chicken, Avocado, & Lemongrass Salads with Hoisin Crackers.
It look so vibrant and healthy, and I bet those crackers are phenomenal!

These Candied Lemon and Thyme Salted Chocolate Chippers.
These soft chewy cookies are loaded with such interesting ingredients. Oh, and vanilla pudding mix. Say whaaa?!

This Chocolate and Orange Tart.
I love the look of the swirled chocolate against the orange filling.

This Creamy Artichoke and Asparagus Lasagna.
I found this in my newest Cooking Light and it sounds uh-mazing. Plus it’s healthy?

This Sweet & Salty Millionaire’s Cake.
The crumbled shortbread in between the cake layers is brilliant.

These Duck Fat Beignets.
I kinda sort love duck fat, and used in a sweet application? I’m smitten.

These Blood Orange & Cinnamon Vanilla Tarts.
I am pretty obsessed with both tarts, and blood oranges, so these are so me.

This Three-Pea Chicken Salad.
So perfect for Spring!

This Biscoff-Walnut Ice Cream.
You guys know how much I love Biscoff spread, and the cream cheese in this totally intrigues me.

Please leave links in the comments below to stuff that you’re crushing on (or maybe some of your own stuff that you think is awesome)!


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