Spache the Spatula

Sunset Margaritas

These pretty margaritas use apricots and marionberries to emulate the colors of a sunset! | #recipe

So, I just got back from Wisconsin, and the weather was seriously CRAZY! I’m not joking, one day it hailed like crazy. The next it was like 60 degrees and warm. The day after that it was on and off WHITE OUTS! Like… blizzard one second, then the sun melts everything, then blizzard again…. I

Mattar Paneer

Making this Indian dish at home is easier than you thought! | #recipe

There are some foods that I love to eat, but never even consider making. Mostly this includes various Asian takeout foods. A couple years ago I decided to tackle Thai food, and went extremely authentic in my re-creations of Chicken Satay and Thai Red Curry. Now, I’m going the Indian route! Mattar Paneer is what I

Too Easy: Date and Almond Butter Smoothie

These smoothies are crazy easy to throw together, and include one of my favorite flavor combos---nutty almond butter and sticky-sweet dates | #vegan #recipe

Easy recipe today, because I want to talk about something that’s not so easy…

The Flavors of the Keys: Key Largo Onion Crusted Yellowtail

Transport your tastebuds to The Keys with the Yellowtail Snapper crusted with fried onions rings, and topped with a lime-butter sauce and mango salsa! #FLKeys | #recipe

Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go, off the Floriiiida Keeeeyyys… *The Florida Keys and Key West sponsored this post in partnership with Honest Cooking. As always, all views expressed are completely my own. Yep, The Beach Boys have been on loop in my head ever since I started thinking about this post. When I was approached to

Spiced Butternut Squash and Black Bean Tacos with Lime-Cumin Crema

Crazy satisfying vegetarian tacos that are slightly smoky, slightly spicy, slightly sweet, and fully delicious! | #recipe

I am having the strangest food obsession right now… Tortillas. Seriously. I don’t know what my deal is. It’s specifically mini whole wheat flour tortillas that I get from my Fred Meyer, and I can’t stop eating them. I’ve been stuffing them with scrambled eggs, hummus, almond butter and jam… I’ve even been eating them

Honey Sriracha Carrot Hummus

This unique hummus is slightly sweet, slightly spicy, and so SO good! | #recipe

Sometimes, I try a prepackaged thing at the grocery store that is just so good, that I *have* to make it at home. Such is the case with this hummus! I purchased this “Zesty Sriracha and Carrot Hummus” from a local supermarket the other day, and seriously could not believe how effing tasty it was.

Zoodles with Sunflower-Arugula Pesto

Zucchini and beet noodles tossed in a super flavorful pesto---this salad/noodle dish is so super tasty! #vegan | #recipe

Oodles and oodles of zoodles! You guys, I think I may be obsessed with spiralized veggies. They are so FUN to eat! I don’t think I can quite get on the bandwagon that they are a pasta replacement, but they are a nice alternative! And a super fun way to eat salads! That’s kinda what this

Tofu and Almond Butter Sandwich

I have been eating this strange-sounding #vegan sandwich for almost 10 years, and it's a personal favorite! | #recipe

Okay look, I know it sounds weird… This is one of those recipes that you just have to trust with me with. Almond butter, cucumber, and tofu covered in soy sauce sounds extremely peculiar—I am aware! But I promise it just works! This is a sandwich I have been eating for seriously close to 10