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White Bean and Broccoli Soup

This super tasty broccoli soup gets its creaminess from white beans! | #recipe #vegan

It’s really hard to make off-green soup look appetizing… Like… I tried super hard, LOL, but I think we just have to accept that there are things in life that taste better than they look. This soup is one of those things. While the color tends to leave a bit to be desired, I assure

Tropical Smoothie Bowls

Tropical fruit and a nutrient-dense base make up this gorgeous smoothie bowl! #RootedinNutrition | #recipe #vegan

What are your thoughts on the new smoothie bowl trend? *DREAM sponsored this post in partnership with Honest Cooking. As always, all views expressed are completely my own. I’ve actually been making smoothing bowls for YEARS, but never photographed them really because I didn’t attempt to make them pretty—I just poured a smoothie in a bowl and threw

Roasted Chickpea Caesar Pita Wraps

A crazy tasty #vegan caesar dressing, crunchy spiced chickpeas, creamy avocado, and sweet tomatoes make for an incredible lunch option! | #recipe

Happy Friday! I know there is no way I can one-up yesterday’s post (I am so proud of that pavlova!), but these pita wraps are perfect to take on a picnic this weekend! And while they may not be as colorful or pretty, they are super tasty.

Vegan Lavender Pavlova with Mixed Berries

This crisp, creamy, perfectly delicious, lavender-scented pavlova is 100% #vegan and you would never know | #recipe #aquafaba

YOU GUYS AQUAFABA IS THE COOLEST THING, EVER! Sorry. All caps were necessary. Remember last week when I shared these cookies that used aquafaba, but didn’t really get a chance to talk about how cool this shit is? This is a much better recipe to show off it’s amazing powers anyway 🙂 Let me just

Mediterranean White Bean Dip

This hummus-like dip can be served warm or cold, and is packed with flavor from sun-dried tomatoes and thyme! | #recipe #vegan

You can’t beat a good dip! Especially when it comes together quickly, and its served with fluffy, warm Greek pita.

Almond-Chocolate Chip Cookies and Why We Need to Get Angry

Tasty and comforting chocolate chip cookies with almonds, that just happen to be vegan (and a side of sorrow and anger at recent events) | #recipe

It’s hard to find the words… It’s impossible to write a post today overlooking the horror that this past weekend held. I tried to write how delicious these cookies are; I tried to wax on about how they’re vegan and you can’t even tell… I really did want to talk about the cool ingredient I

Too Easy: Cherry-Vanilla Smoothies

Cool off with this crazy easy smoothie recipe! | #recipe #vegan

Just slowly melting to death over here… Is the weather all I can talk about lately? Yes. 90+ degrees with no central A/C and it would be the only thing on your mind, too! A tropical storm hit Florida early this week and it knocked the power out of my family’s house there. My mom

Vegan Tortilla Soup

A crazy flavorful and easy soup packed with Tex-Mex flavor----and it's #vegan | #recipe

Is it still acceptable to eat soup when it’s 80 degrees? I think it probably is… we just need to pair it with a cold beer or something, lol. Plus it rained recently, and everyone loves soup on rainy days. By recently I mean you can see the rain in these photos, hahah! A normal