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A crazy flavorful and easy soup packed with Tex-Mex flavor----and it's #vegan | #recipe Vegan Tortilla Soup June 3, 2016
A few ingredients and around 30min results in a super tasty pasta that also makes great leftovers! | #recipe Shrimp alla Marinara May 24, 2016
Sticky-sweet, sorta spicy, and vibrantly fresh---this banh mi will knock yours socks off! | #recipe #vegan BBQ Tempeh Banh Mi May 19, 2016
Making this Indian dish at home is easier than you thought! | #recipe Mattar Paneer March 24, 2016
A thick and hearty black bean soup that is totally loaded with toppings! | #recipe Loaded Black Bean Soup November 24, 2015
These chicken and fig quesadillas are savory, sweet, and super-duper cheesy! | #recipe Chicken and Fig Quesadillas September 15, 2015
An all meat (no beans!) chili PERFECT for topping hot dogs, baked potatoes, fries, or anything else! | #recipe Ground Beef Chili May 6, 2015